Setting Up Email Clients

Mcrosoft Outlook 2007 for POP Email
iPhone for POP Email
Samsung Galaxy Note Email Setup

How to troubleshoot mail stuck in the Outbox?


Receiving duplicate emails on Outlook?


Handling junk/spam emails in Outlook 2007


How to Fix/Repair Your Broken Outlook Personal Folders (PST) File?


How to back up and to restore Outlook Express data?


PayPal: How do I cancel a recurring payment, subscription or automatic billing agreement I have with a merchant?


5 ways to speed up your PC?


How do I pay my bills?


Payable to "BlueBell People"

Send cheque to the following address:

Blk 334,
Kreta Ayer Road,
Singapore 080334,


Domain Name Service

If you are moving an existing domain to be hosted at The BlueBell People and we are managing your DNS, you will need to change the nameservers for your domain. You will need to contact the registrar that you registered your domain or use the WEB GUI Interface at your registrar to change the name servers.

It is the responsibility of the domain owner to modify the domain with the appropriate registrar. It will take from 2days to a week for the information to propagate. The BlueBell People will not be responsible for delays or complications resulting from domain name modifications or registrations not made with The BlueBell People. The BlueBell People will not be able to modify your domain name registration, this must be done by the owner or administrator of the domain name. Generic and customized nameservers can be obtained on request.

Miscelleanous Resources

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