How to Rank My Website on Google? Engage SEO Services?

Why search engine ranking is important?

Website being found on search engines is never an option for your digital presence. Visibility on search engines is one of core components of any website. In the vast universe of cyber space, your website is just like stars, some brighter than others, hence, your website need to be visible, technically ranked well on search engines.

Why Google ranking is essentially important?

Google is currently the number ONE search engine in the world, answering more than 10 billion queries in a month. Even with the shift in user habit from desktop to mobile searches, Google has captured more than 80% of the mobile search market. These numbers tell us that Google is HUGE, and your website being found prominently will draw eyeballs and traffic which ultimately conversion. In short, it is a MUST to be ranked on Google.

How to gain ranking on Google?

One of the key emphasis of Google search result is user experience. User experience can be managed by serving most relevant results when a query is submitted. Hence, understanding  the very basic of how Google displays the results, then, how shall we fulfil this requirement of being relevant? To address this, content is the first thing to be focused on and it should be:

  • relevant – example a automotive blog should be talking about cars, car maintenance, types of cars, etc and NO other unrelated information such as model cars, toy cars or even food van
  • unique – also refer to original content, however, it is rather common to see boiler-plate content appear in multiple sites or a site with mashed up content from various sources, hence, uniqness of content becomes what enhance user experience as Google ranking preferences
  • fresh content – constantly injecting new relevant content will likely to draw return visitors to become your loyal reader and very likely this visitor count will growth with more referrals by readers and Google ranking preferences

Next to content, it comes to the technicality of the website, which refer to:

  • Layout – easy to navigate, readable on both desktop and mobile versions
  • Speed – somehow users are getting more and more impatient when getting information from a website, thus, your website has to load as fast as possible
  • Availability – your website should be up running all the time


Why do we need to engage SEO services?

Refer to the above points on how to gain Google ranking, sound simple but is it really?

Even your website content is relevant, unique and refresh regularly, how do you make known to Google of all these? And, how do you assess if you have overdone these?

Let say your website adopted the best layout, hosted on the fastest and most reliable servers, Google will eventually realise these strengths of your website but sooner definitely better than later. Furthermore, there is NO best layout but it is possible to structure your website to enhance user experience as well as allow Google to discover your important information on the website easier. It is likely to be relatively costly to host on super fast and highly stable server, but if we can mitigate error occurrence by redirecting or providing option to users to other related pages. To implement all these, in-depth knowledge of how Google ranking works as well sharp awareness of updates launched by Google and the resolution, in short, these tasks require professionals, the SEO service providers.

Next Step?

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