How Does UGC Helps SEO?

UGC, abbrevation for User Generated Content might be a way to grow content. In many cases UGC could be in any form ie not just text, it could be images and video clips submitted by users, thus, proper tagging to the media rich content is required.

Theoretically, with the these content it should give a boost to SEO result, however, as Google launched series of Panda updates, targeted to lower the ranking of low quality sites, the UGC likely to be similar from some other sites which might invite penalty by Google for content duplication. Hence, to leverage on UGC, the site owner or webmaster is adised to ensure content submitted is:

  • Relevant
  • Legit
  • Minimal duplication (ideally original)
  • Up to date

In reality, most UGC could be originated from a boiler-plate, thus to some editings are needed to make the content look more original.

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